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I was searching around this forum for the past few months and could not find a decent review on this traffic source despite asking experience media buyers like @Sephrata (did not receive a reply but I guess he must be too busy and overwhelm with PMs, he is a nice gentlemen).

So I decided to go ahead and test out this traffic source and runs it for CPA campaign.

$100 (initial deposit) - ROI = 0
$300 (a further $300 as I was advised by their support to use this amount for USA traffic SmartCPA) - ROI = 0
$100 = 2 conversions and make $16
$200 (targeting the site ID that gave me this conversion) ROI = 0

So my thought was to use a third party tracker to eliminate the bot traffic or at least detect them as I am bleeding money away. Below is the reply of their customer support when I asked how can I setup the tracker to identify bot traffic.

We are one of the leaders in the market for popunder traffic volumes, we got a strong anti-bot, anti-cheat system in place some of our publishers can try to cheat. We do not provide such fraud traffic.

Kind regards,
William Carrington
PA Support Team


Not very impressive as it seems they are reluctant to allow third party tracking bot traffic in my personal point of view.

My overall feedback:
Traffic on propellerads are just like spamming on social network or email spamming. The database are not focused and niche. Meaning you have to find a offer that is rather general by nature to get conversion.

Conversion is very unpredictable. The same site ID that gave you conversion would not be giving you any further conversion so scaling is really hard due to this unpredictable nature.

SmartCPA only works if you have an offer that is general and popular that easily gets conversion. Eventually you still need to pay for impression if your offer is not converting well.

Basically you are better off spending your time spamming to get conversion. As this traffic network is very expensive to get positive ROI. Propellerads is just a legal way to spam to get conversions.

I have also tried their in app messaging adverting (which they term as native ad). Promoting sports gaming. Cost me around $100 and my budget was fully used up in less than 30min. Zero conversion as well. Got many clicks but no conversion.

I am writing this review in the hope that it will benefit others on this forum but not as a rant to complain about Propellerads. I decided to try out the traffic so I am already prepared for this losses.

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Yes quality is very bad. The two conversions that I got, the advertiser pulled me from that campaign complaining of poor quality traffic. Leads were not reversed, they still pay but they refuse to let me promote that campaign any further.

I love these case studies you are doing as CPA+PPC is something that holds my interest as well.

Unfortunately BHW don't have many experienced people in advanced CPA. It takes quite some times to master.

My advice is, stop targetting USA traffic. This GEO is where the big boys play and a couple of hundred dollars or even a couple K is nothing compared what they are spending.

Did you use any splittesting method?

@Sephrata I would like to hear your opinion about this ma8.


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