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[Solved] Compare and contrast the character of Aram and Mourad.  



Compare and contrast the character of Aram and Mourad.

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The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse’ is the story of two poor Armenian boys. They are Aram and Mourad. They are cousins. They belong to the same tribe. The family of Garoghlanian is known for its integrity and honesty. Aram is a foil to Mourad. He is calm and quiet. He suffers from a feeling of nostalgia. He remembers the good old days when he was nine. The world is full of romance and magnificence for him. It is delightful and dreamy. On the other hand, his cousin Mourad is considered to be crazy by everybody except by him.
Both the cousins shared a common heritage. They were living in the most amazing poverty. They didn’t have even money enough to buy their food. But the family was famous for its integrity and honesty. It was unimaginable that anyone of them could ever be a thief.
Mourad had a crazy streak in him. He was considered to be the natural descendant of the crazy streak in the family. Before him uncle Khosrove held that position. Aram was not dashing and dynamic like Mourad. But both of them had a passion for riding. Only difference was that Mourad had a wonderful understanding with a horse. Even horses understood him. Aram was rather a bad rider. Everytime he rode alone, the horse threw him down.
Mourad was more daring. He stole a beautiful white horse for riding. Aram understood his cousin well. He could make a compromise and justify the stealing of the horse. After all, stealing the horse for riding was not the same as stealing. Mourad and Aram were conscience-stricken. In the end, they returned the stolen horse to its true owner.


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